Leg Wax   Full Leg Wax 2022

Ensures silky smooth, hair free legs. Cream tea tree wax is used which
helps to reduce irritation whilst soothing and calming the skin.
Wax Full Leg   Half Leg Wax 2022

The legs are waxed to above the knee presenting silky smooth, hair free
calves, shins and knees using  soothing cream tea tree wax
Bikin Wax   Bikini Wax 2022

Boost your confidence in the gym, pool and at home with a classic bikini wax.
Brazilian and Hollywood treatments are also available for £20.00
 Underarm Waxing  Underarm 2022

Silky smooth underams are achieved using cream tea tree wax to soothe and calm your skin
 Eyebrow Wax  Eyebrow Wax 2022

Eyebrows are shaped to your desire to bring out the sparkle in your eyes.
Cream tea tree wax calms and soothes the skin.
 Lip Wax  Lip or Chin 2022

Highlight your beautiful lips and boost your confidence.
Take both treatments together for only £8.00
 Wax Package  Wax Package 2022

Take advantage of this great offer in one perfect package